Back to School

I finally went back to work today. Okay, okay, officially I have been back to work since the 6th of the month, but this is my first Monday back to work. Last Monday was a public holiday. And I tell you what, it was weird to go back. I was so out of the habit of going that I had to keep checking and double checking to make sure I was right about my schedule.

But my kids were all great and I was happy to see them all. We had a grand old time in class and even my most difficult class turned out beautifully. I think we all just needed a well-deserved break from one another so that we could fully appreciate each other once again.

In other news, it continues to be really cold here, but I cant complain at all because it rained a little bit this afternoon, so I know that it is definitely not as cold as the midwest. But I am such a big sissy and I am about freezing all the time!


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