Health Check

This morning I went and had my yearly ECC required health check. And it wasnt so bad. I was in and out in under a half hour, so that speaks volumes to the efficiency of this clinic. And there were lots of other ECC staff there as well, so the time in the waiting room wasnt boring at all. Overall, it was a good check up.

But heres the downside, because, after all, it wouldnt be my blog without some kind of story. When I checked in, the receptionist/nurse took my card and asked me if I had drank any juice this morning. I considered for a moment if the one swallow from the bottle I had bought no more than five minutes ago at the conveniece store counted, decided it did, and told her that I had drunk juice. She then pulled out a green cup, instructing me to head on over to the bathroom and complete the procedure needed for a urine check. A urine check…I should have answered no.

I hate urine checks. They are just so embarassing. I mean, there is just something degrading about having to pee in a cup. First of all, what if you cant pee? Some people have nervous bladders and others, like me, peed before they went to the doctors office, not remembering that they would have to give a sample. Second, is it even possible to pee in a cup and not pee on yourself? If you are a woman that is. Men obviously, I hope, would have no problem with that. But considering that I only have to pee in a cup about once a year, I still havent mastered that particular skill. Ask me again in twenty years, and my answer might be a little different.

And yes, I do understand that urine tests are important, but isnt there some other less awkward way of gathering the data gained from urine? Maybe next year, Ill just pee in a cup at home and bring my own sample. But theres still something disturbing about carrying around your own pee in your purse. I guess theres no real way to avoid the embarassment.


5 thoughts on “Health Check

  1. Lindsey says:

    Just wait till your 8 months pregnant and have to pee in a cup without being able to see anyway near down there…that’s an adventure! 😛 lol

  2. your roommate says:

    maybe you should get an assistant. im not volunteering for the job, but put it on craigs list or something. wanted: a pee cup holder and guide.

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