I bought a lot of business clothes in the U.S., and at the time, I was really excited about it. No more wearing the same shirt and pants with the same jacket…that I didnt actually wear once I was inside the building, but thats irrelevant.

It was only once I got home and unpacked all of these wonderful new business clothes that I realized that maybe they werent so wonderful after all. The reason being that they all got wrinkled during their trip. And, of course, wrinkles are not business professional. So now I have been stuck with the duty to iron all of my clothes. I am working on day three or four. I think three, but somehow it seems longer.

It could seem longer because I can only handle doing about four or five pieces in one sitting before I need to take a break, not because of any pain, but just because ironing is so stinking boring! Luckily, as of this evening, I only have pants left. All of my shirts and suit jackets have been completed.

Ironically enough though, as much as I dislike ironing, there is a certain sense of accomplishment when I look at a crisp shirt and then hang it back in my closet. I dont think that I will ever be an extreme ironer, but perhaps I will do it a bit more often than I had in the past. But this ironing proclamation will probably be a bit like a New Years resolution- sounds great at the time and completely within grasp, but given up just as quickly and completely forgotten about by March.


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