From Las Vegas to Ohio

So, when I was packing up from round one of my trip, my mom asked whether or not I had any extra space for a few things to take for my grandparents. I assented and suddenly my mom went into action and pulled out a large box full of cute crafty things that she had gotten on sale from work. Everything was mostly for my grandma, but thats to be expected when you work as a florist. Not many men are going to want a cute birdhouse windchime.

And man was my suitcase jammed and heavy! My mom even included a large decorated rock that I finally figured out was supposed to be a sheep. Once I figured that out it was pretty cute. But it was all worth it because my grandparents were happy to get everything and my mom was happy not to have to pay out the nose to mail all that really heavy stuff.

And then I had the extra bonus of being friendly to the airport check-in guy and found out that I didnt have to pay the domestic flight charges on my checked baggage! I had figured that $40 for two bags was much cheaper than my mom mailing that stuff, so I didnt really care, so I was pretty excited that it was free! I got grandfathered in by my international ticket being multi-city. It really benefits you to be friendly to customer service people, especially at 6 AM.

Early BreakfastCoffee Anyone?


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