26 Hours Later…

Well, after 26 long hours in transit, I am back in Japan. I made it, and surprisingly, I dont feel so jet lagged this morning. I stayed awake until 1 last night and woke up around 830, so, it was still a little early for me, but I did get about 8 hours of sleep.

Some highlights from the return trip.

~Somehow I managed to lose my ziploc bag full of medicine and my contact case during my first security check in Cleveland, so I had to buy very expensive eye drops at the airport. Five dollars for a tiny bottle…jeez!
~The pilot on the flight from Cleveland to Minneapolis was completely random and he rambled on a lot on the overhead. My favorite was when we was giving the weather report: The temperature is…well…its so low that Im not even going to tell you what it is. He talked a lot more than I think a pilot should have.
~Going through security in Tokyo, I heard this kid coughing in the line next to me. I looked over, concerned, to see this kid vomiting a lot of airplane food. The poor staff that had to clean that up off the carpeted floor. I was certainly glad that I wasnt in that line.
~They ran out of breakfast foods on my international flight, so I ate fried rice with teriyaki chicken for breakfast. I didnt really eat so much of it, but I ate all the fruit.
~I read an entire book, and then had lots of time to spare. Sometimes being a fast reader is detrimental.
~When I got through the airport system, Jen, Hiro, and Da-yu were waiting for me at the airport! So, between the four of us, neither Jen nor I had to struggle with our bags through the train system. So great! Thanks again Hiro and Da-yu!


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