Cell Phone Obsession

Americans are completely obsessed with their cell phones!! Holy cow! I had never realized it before, but when you live in a country where cell phones never ring, and you rarely see anyone talking on them in public, you are fully able to realize how obnoxious public cell phone usage can be. I cant even tell you how many cell phones I have heard ringing, and how many conversations that Ive overheard. Its crazy!

I mean, people even answer their phones while they are in the dressing room. What could you have to talk about when you are changing your clothes and half naked in a public place? I think the nakedness would take precedence over the phone, but I guess not.

My first dressing room experience was pretty funny. I was trying on clothes when I heard the woman next to me say hello. I wondered if she needed some help because she repeated her hello after a second. I was getting ready to respond in case she had some kind of clothing emergency like a stuck zipper or a missize gone wrong, when I heard her start a conversation with whomever she was on the phone with. I just felt very fortunate that I hadnt actually spoken aloud. That would have been pretty embarrassing.

So, all of this cell phone usage is definitely one thing that I wont miss when I go back. I will be very happy for the quiet, texting world of Japan.


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