Bicycle Mishaps

This morning, I nearly ran a woman down with my bike.

Components: a small road, lots of cars parked on both sides of it, a group of teenage boys, an oncoming car, an old woman, and a certain blogger who was running late for work.

I tried to swerve around the old woman and in between the boys and the car, but I didnt judge my incoming speed with the movements of the car as I swerved. I slammed on my brakes at just the last minute, squealed to a partial stop dangerously close to this old woman. When I realized that I wasnt going to do her bodily harm, (which took about half a second), I yelled sorry over my shoulder and continued my mad pedaling to the station. The whole incident took about ten seconds, but good thing I had some quick reaction time! And I just made it to the station to get on the train, and just made it to work, clocking in with only two minutes to spare!


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