A Wednesday Update

I have a lot of random stuff that happened to me today, so heres the update.

Today I went to the bike shop…yet again. My back tire has perpetual problems. It would have a very high premium if it were covered under health insurance, I swear. But, the bike man actually replaced the inner tube in my tire, so hopefully, I wont have to go back for quite some time. But he did a lot of work, and the total cost was only $14. I love Japan!

Then I biked to the station and on my way I saw a cat family. There was a mom, dad, and two babies. They were really cute, and if I had had time, I would have stopped and watched them.

At school today, one of my students gave me Christmas chocolate and a super amazing Christmas card! This card is so so so cool. It plays Jingle Bells, and it has a matching light show to go along with it. I am no joking here! The front is a Christmas tree, and it has all of these mini lights that change color from red to blue to green as the song is being played. It is seriously the coolest card I have ever gotten in my life!

I thought I had avoided it, but Im starting to get sick. I have a sore throat today, and I have been downing throat drops like an addict in the hopes of preventing total voice loss.

Today, one of my adult students said the funniest thing. We were practicing the structure Who is the actress who did something, and he said Whos the actress who showed her underwear by wind? Can you guess who it is? Marilyn Monroe. I had to laugh because it was completely accurate, but totally hysterical at the same time. Luckily, he meant it as a joke, so he was laughing right along with me.

And now I am at home in the very, very quiet apartment debating taking a bath tonight or just crashing early. Its a tough decision and both sound equally appealing. We will see soon enough which wins.


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