Leaving on a Jet Plane

Jen is leaving for Ohio/Florida in the morning, leaving me here in the apartment by myself for a week. And I have been thinking about it, and Jen confirmed it, that we havent spent more than three days apart since I moved in more than a year ago. And I know that makes us sound like some lovestruck couple or something, but shes like my anchor in Japan, so I know that it will be lonely without her to talk to.

But, we are both big girls and we can manage three weeks apart, especially with the added bonus of Skype. But I think being by myself in the apartment will be the hardest part. Maybe I will study Japanese like theres no tomorrow to distract myself. And pretty soon, I will be in the hustle and bustle of American Christmas myself and the time will fly by.

So, while Jen is in the sky tomorrow, I will be subjected to the embarassment of wearing a Santa costume at my kindergarten tomorrow. If Im real lucky, it will be Japanese girl sized and therefore not the correct size for me, and I wont have to wear it. If only I could be that lucky!


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