Mixed Thoughts

Wow. I feel as though I havent blogged in a really long time. But usually I have something interesting to talk about, rather than to just ramble aimlessly. But all that has been in my head this past week have been aimless rambles, hence the lack of blogging.
Well, actually, I have nothing really interesting to relate to you all, except for the fact that Jen leaves for the states on Tuesday and I am incredibly jealous. She has a whole extra weeks worth of vacation, while Im stuck here in Kasugai by myself in the apartment. I will really miss her!
As for my own trip home, I have some mixed feelings. The major part of me is super excited to be home and see my friends and family. Its been so long since Ive seen everyone! But at the same time, I also feel nervous. I mean, it has been such a long time since Ive been home that I feel like I forget what America is like. I know that sounds so strange, so let me try to explain.
I am really accustomed to life in Japan and everything that goes along with it, the quietness and the never being 110% sure of anything that youre doing. The only thing that I know I could do in my sleep here is to get on the train. But that has just become a way of normal life, so its just normal. So, I kind of forget how convenient everything must be when youre operating in your native language. So, I cant imagine things being that easy. I think I am definitely going to culture shock when Im home.
So, I guess that is my way of explaining my mixed emotions. Not sure really how clear it is, but then again, Im not sure myself, so we are all on even footing I guess.


One thought on “Mixed Thoughts

  1. barnes says:

    i’m sure your world will be shaken, but you’ll be better for it. i’ll send you my skype via facebook inbox, so I won’t share it publicly. How about talking my Tuesday Morning?

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