The Bike Garage Men

At my bike garage, theres a wide array of older gentlemen who work there, and thanks to the fact that I am easily recognizable, I have made friends with several of them.

First, theres the man who always finds me the best spaces to put my bike, as close to the exit as possible. On more than one occassion, he will just tell me to leave me bike in the first row and he shifts all the bikes so that my bike can fit in. Its really great. One evening I saw him at the station after work. I think he must have been going home. He saw me, gave me a big smile, and told me good evening as we were passing. It was super and made my night!

Second, theres the gentleman who jokes with me. He will remember if I park my bike there twice in one day and tease me about it, or when my bike has a flat, as it currently does, he will talk to me about it and give me the good pump to use. We talked last night actually about going to the bike shop to get the rubber piece replaced.

I think its just a matter of time before I win them all over. But for now, I have my two friendly gentlemen.


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