The Thinning of the Blood

Well, I always made fun of my parents and brother for adapting to Vegas winters. It was always funny to visit them for Christmas and see them all bundled up like a blizzard was about to hit, while I was wearing my early Ohio fall clothes.

But now, Ive acclimated to Nagoya winters, which are not so different from Las Vegas, just with more precipitation. And I find myself layering and pulling out all of my warmest accessories for weather that looks pale compared to Ohio. It happened, my blood has thinned out.

I have completely acclimated to warmer winters, and as excited as I am to visit home, I dont really know how Im going to survive the cold weather!! If youre trying to recognize me, just look for the girl that resembles a big puffball of winter clothing.


One thought on “The Thinning of the Blood

  1. Allen Baugher says:

    that is true. when we visit them last year or was it two?? they were complaining on and on about how cold it was. we grabed our shorts and whent swimming. 🙂 for us it was summer. so now i can teas the big puffball when she comes to visit. miss ya see you soon.

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