More Randomness in Blog Form

~Its officially the Christmas season, and as excited as I am, I cant believe December is already here. What the heck happened to November?? Is this really what life is like when you get older?

~Im going home in less than a month!! Again, Ive been thinking about it for so long that I can hardly believe that its finally less than a month away.

~Its still fall weather in Nagoya. I mean, the leaves are still changing. Im so not excited for Ohio and the snow.

~Who ever thought that wrapping dried seaweed around a clump of rice would be a good snack? In theory it sounds totally gross, but its good. Like most Japanese food it seems.

~My delete button and apostrophe button are still broken. Im such a lazy bum. How long has it been? Seriously.

~Im currently addicted to Word Twist on Facebook and the Twilight movie soundtrack.

~Reason #47563920 why I like Jen- tonight she called me a mixed breed because I made fun of her desire to make perogies. I know, all of us cant be Polish, but she was quite vehemenent about it.

~I really like postcards.

~Why does learning Japanese have to take so much work? And why, oh why, could they have not just abandoned kanji completely??

~2 A.M. is a pretty good time to think lots of good, meaningful things that you then precede to forget about the next day when you wake up.

~I saw a guy hip hop dancing on the train the other day. I was entranced by his skills and amazed that he was actually doing it. Not something that you expect to see in Japan.

~I had to look up how to write a haiku for work the other day. Yep, all part of training and working for ECC Junior. I have yet to write my haiku though, and it is due tomorrow.


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