The Roommies Go on a Date

On Saturday after work, I met Jen at Nagoya station to do some Christmas shopping, eat some dinner, and eat some Coldstone. We met up around five and our evening out began.

First we went to this fabulous French restaurant that only served crepes. But they had all kinds, from dessert, to appetizer, to entree. We both immensely enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere, and especially the price which wasnt unreasonable considering the fact that we were eating in the Towers.

Next, we popped into a couple of stores to pick up Christmas gifts for friends and family and we were both very successful and now just about finished with our shopping.

Finally, we decided to make our way to Coldstone, newly opened a few months ago. I led the way because I had been there before, but the only problem was that I had only been there once, and the last time I got hopelessly lost as well. So, we were in Meitetsu train station underground when this middle aged guy barreled into Jen and started talking about how Obama was stupid, Bush was stupid, and other things. He was accusing her, and not giving her much personal space and kinda creeping us out. So, Jen brushed him off with a mean look and told him that she wasnt American. No offense fellow citizens, he was just really creepy. After that, Jen took a pitstop in the bathroom and while I was waiting for her, this guy walked past, checked me out, conferred with his buddies, and then came over to me. And the first thing out of his mouth was hola.

Excuse me, do I look Spanish to anyone in the entire world? Yeah, I dont think so. Then he starts talking to me in jarbled Japanese, which I pretend that I dont understand. Then he tries English, but it was really really bad English at that…You…Japan…in…where… I was trying to figure out how to blow this guy off, when Jen comes back from the bathroom, gets a good look at his face, and says in a loud voice, We have to go now. As we walk off, jen informs me that this guy was the same guy who tried to hit on her several times a few months ago. I guess hes half Spanish, half Japanese, and totally lame when it comes to girls it seems.

We finally made it to Coldstone after only one or two more wrong turns, enjoyed our ice cream, but didnt enjoy all the katakana Christmas caroling that the ice cream staff were doing, and then headed back to the JR to go our respective ways for the evening.

So, it was a random night, but Jen and I had fun and now have even more good stories to share.


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