Totally Engrossed

I have this tendency and though its not good, theres absolutely nothing that I can do with it. I am completely enamored with books. Wait, let me back up and amend that. If I were completely enamored with books, Id probably have an overflowing bookcase and a serious lack of money in my bank account. The amended statement is that I am completely enamored with the story within the book.

Once I start reading a book, good or bad, I can barely think of doing anything else. That book takes over every single moment of my free time and a large part of my thinking until I have finished it. It becomes the singular most important part of my day and I will arrange the rest of my schedule so that I wont lose a single moment reading it.

I just freed myself from my latest book by finising it up less than a half hour ago. So, I thought Id apologize to you all, my blog readers, for my lack of updating for the past few days. I started reading a series of four books on Friday, and I just finished it up. I was desperate to know what happened, and suddenly my blog didnt seem so important.

But now its done, and I have vowed not to pick up another book until Im safely stuck on a plane with no other distractions, other than the need to sleep that is, for a good twelve hours or so. So, expect a real flurry of updating this week as I tell you about some fun and funny things that happened this weekend.


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