Mimi and Mattresses

My pastors wife Mimi works at the Hilton Hotel and recently she announced that the Hilton was getting rid of their old mattresses. So, I told Jen immediately because of her leg. Well then, she got her wonderful mattresses and I found myself wishing that I wouldve gotten some myself. But it was too late for me. I mentioned this to Mimi this past Sunday and she said that she would check if there were any left.

So, I got a call on Wednesday morning from Mimi telling me that she reserved two mattresses for me, and then Zelda brought them over yesterday, and now I have mattresses to sleep on!! Of course, I kind of miss my futons, but I was so much warmer. Its amazing how being more than an inch off the ground really keeps you a lot warmer when you sleep. So, heres to mattresses!!


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