Life on the Train

Well, I got on the train last night as I usually do, ready for my quick ten minute commute back to Kasugai. I got on the train at 9 and got off the train at 10:30. Yep, it was not the quick ride that I was expecting. As soon as I got on the train, they made an announcement that an accident had happened between Kachigawa and Kasugai at 8:43, only one train before mine and the part of the track right before my station. So, I knew that I was in for a long wait. They didn’t even bother to announce when the train would be running again.

So, I found a seat and proceeded to study Japanese for the next hour, listen to my iPod, and text Jen who was at home in our lovely apartment, having eaten a good dinner already. And I was definitely starving on the train.

I made the best of a not great situation and did some good studying. And at least the train was warm. Japanese transportation is all about blasting the heat in the winter. Getting stuck on a stopped train with no other way of getting home other than to wait it out is definitely one of the downsides to public transportation, but at least it doesn’t happen so often.


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