Houston, we have a problem…

Somewhere in the past two hours, the delete button on my computer just mysteriously stopped working. I have absolutely no idea why, but it has all of a sudden become extremely horrific!! So, if it persists in not actually working, I will have to take it to the Mac store, because as I typed this, I discovered that my apostrophe button does not work either. And here is the thing, I have no idea how it happened. I did not do anything to trigger the brokenness!! Oh man, my Mac and I are not such great friends these days!!


One thought on “Houston, we have a problem…

  1. barnes says:

    So, I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas by myself this year and do you know what could make it a little better? If you and Jen can afford it, could you send my care package? No pressure! Just a thought.

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