Randomness in Blog Form

Once or twice before in my life, I have been accused of having completely random thoughts and ideas. I mean, in my brain, I know how my thoughts come about, so to me they’re not random. But, I often want to share the things that I think and ponder about on my blog, but I find that they’re more musings than complete ideas, so it seems a bit of a waste to blog a single sentence. So, I have decided to make a compiled list of things that I’ve been thinking about lately and any comments would be appreciated, even if you’d just like to share about your random musings.

~Sometimes it boggles my mind to think that I actually am from the future from the perspective of my American friends. So, I have an inside track to future events, just like Hiro Nakamura. But, usually, the future’s pretty non-descript so don’t worry.

~Why is orange both a color and a fruit, but none of the other colors or fruits are?

~What is up with English spelling? Do you think some person was a little tipsy when he decided on the official dictionary spelling for a lot of English words. It’s no wonder non-native speakers have such issues with reading. Take “chicken” for example. Why do we need the ‘c’ and the ‘k’? They make the same exact sound!

~In Japan, the “Walk/Do Not Walk” crosswalk man is wearing a business suit and hat, as well as some smart business shoes. Why are there no women in dresses?

~Often when I read British English literature, I find myself talking as though I were from the UK. Read the above sentence about smart business shoes for proof.

~I’m finally beginning to understand the train announcements. I have never been more excited to know that I should stand behind the yellow line when the train approaches the station.

~I often wonder who was the first person that thought eating raw fish was a good idea. And then I get more concerned about the first person that actually listened to that guy and ate raw fish. And along those lines, I wonder how many people died eating blowfish until they figured out the safe way to prepare it.

~Recently, Jen and I ate Thai curry and it was so so so spicy that we couldn’t even finish it. Why make food that spicy in a place that’s already so hot? I mean, shouldn’t you be making foods to even out the heat and humidity, not make you feel even more miserable?

~So, in Japan, it’s really rude and actually culturally unacceptable to wear your shoes inside the house. So, why isn’t carpet way more popular? It’s actually very unusual to find wall-to-wall carpeting here, and even large rugs to an extent. Hardwood floors get very cold in the winter, that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Randomness in Blog Form

  1. barnes says:

    I know the answer to the Thai food spice question: Thailand and India are known for their heat and not having a lot of methods to keep cool back in the day. So why prepare their food so spicy? So they would perspire! Eating such foods with such regularity would naturally cause their bodies to sweat and cool themselves. Nowadays with air conditioning and electric fans, there is no reason to continue doing this, but since recipes are widely considered traditional in most cases they remain unchanged. Plus, there are some hardcore spice-hungry people clinging to that type of food throughout the world (myself included).

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