A Stupid Moment in the Subway

So, recently I was accused of rarely having any stupid moments, so I thought I’d tell the world that I do, in fact, have many stupid moments. And for some proof, here’s one of the latest ones.

Last Wednesday I was talking to Jen on the phone while navigating my way from the train to the subway. Well, without giving it a second thought, almost on autopilot if you will, I definitely put my bike ticket into the subway wicket. As soon as it happened, I knew that I had made a horrible mistake, but the ticket was already gone and being processed. And it was only a matter of seconds before the machine buzzed at me and the light turned red informing me, the conductors, and everyone within hearing distance at Kanayama station that I had done something wrong. So, I had to explain that I had made a mistake and put the wrong ticket in. The train man opened up the machine looked at the jammed ticket, gave me a look that said that he knew how stupid that move was as well, took it out, and gave it back to me. But on a plus note, I did get to see the inside workings of the subway wicket. It was pretty cool.

Now, what happened to my conversation with Jen during all of this you might ask? Well, as soon as I realized my mistake, I said “Crap! Wrong ticket!” Following this, Jen wasted no time in saying “okay, bye.” The clever girl knew that continuing on the call was not going to help me at all. I was too busy talking in the first place to make sure I had the right ticket.

The moral of today’s story: Never use your cell phone when trying to access public transportation.


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