The Jen Cam

Well, in case you were wondering about the earlier photo, I’ll explain. While we were at the Fatblueman show, Jen borrowed our new friend’s camera with the intent of shooting some video herself. Well, what with the all the fancy, high-tech cameras that are out now, she didn’t realize that when she pivoted the turning screen to suit her needs, she actually had positioned it so that the camera lens was facing the ground.

So, Jen being her happy Jen self is obliviously “videoing” us as she asks us about the show. It lasted for about 5 seconds before the rest of us at the table start cracking up. Without hesitation the joke of the Jen Cam is born, and we spent the rest of the evening talking about shooting various scenes via the Jen Cam. But don’t worry, Jen thought it was just as funny as we all did. So, here’s the video we made as we were heading home after the concert.


One thought on “The Jen Cam

  1. Allen Baugher says:

    was the whole point of that to look at your shoes the whole time?? to be on a cam you normally would have to see other people or at least the other person’s foot. but ok.

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