Fall Back, Spring Ahead?

So, I guess this weekend was the time to change those clocks back in the states. This is definitely one thing that I really love about Japan- they don’t change their clocks. They just live in commune with nature and the natural rising and setting of the sun. None of this time manipulation business.

But, I definitely sucked at changing the clocks. First, I never can remember when it’s ahead or back an hour. The little phrase makes sense to me both ways, so I have no idea. Second, I never actually remember the day that you’re supposed to change. My mom and grandma always had to call, or I’d be off an hour for who knows how long. And third, I never quite figured out when it was okay to actually change your clocks, midnight, ten, nine, the next morning? When was it acceptable? There’s no syncronized nation-wide time.

So, for all those in the Midwest, Japan is now 14 hours ahead of you. And for the family in Vegas, you’re looking at 16 hours. Hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep?


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