Things I love about Nagoya

1. They’re trying to be a city known for beautiful architecture, so you have these gorgeous buildings surrounded by totally blah-looking ones.

2. There seems to be a coffee shop on every block, whether chain or local. You absolutely can never be without coffee if you really wanted it.

3. Fall is only just now starting to set in here. Most days are still in the 60’s with cooler evenings.

4. Because I use the subway system almost exclusively when I’m in town, Nagoya doesn’t feel like the third biggest city in Japan. It just feels like a lot of mini-towns all put together.

5. There’s a plethora of cats, pigeons, and koi. I don’t like the pigeons though.

6. Nagoya’s a port city, therefore the city’s mascot is a huge fish and different aspects of the city adapt it to their own mascot needs. The subway system makes it a fish-headed train conductor.


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