My mind is a funny thing.

I’m going to give you a small glimpse into my thought process this evening. It was about 12:30 and I was thinking that it was a good time to go to bed. But then I looked at the area surrounding my futon and realized that it was really quite messy. So, I thought, “Okay. I’ll just put my books back in my book basket. It’s right here, no problem.” I did that and noticed two letters that I had written, but didn’t know the address for, so I did an internet check and got one and wrote it out. I put down my pen, noticed the bobby pins next to my futon and thought, “Well, I might as well just put them back in the bathroom.”

So, I made my way to the bathroom, which I had partially cleaned already in the evening. I took one look at it and figured that if I was going to clean part of it, I might as well clean all of it. So, I cleaned the toilet and emptied the trash and put it next to the door. Then I noticed that our shoes had all mysteriously exploded out of the shoe closet, so I put all of them away and reorganized the shoe closet while I was at it.

Then I decided that while the entryway was so clean, I might as well sweep it and the hallway as well. Then I figured that while the broom was out I might as well sweep the bathroom and toilet room. And since I was already cleaning the bathroom so hardcore, I should just go ahead and use the swifter. But then I thought about cleaning and decided to call my grandma. And since it was one in the morning here, Ohio time would be perfect. So, I chatted with my grandma while swiffering and cleaning the bathroom.

After I hung up with her, I went ahead and swiffered the hallway because it was already out. I made my way back to the bathroom, scrubbed down the sink, cleaned the sink shelves, and cleaned the mirror. Then, thinking I was finished for the night, I went into the living room, put a dish in the sink, and decided to wash the dishes.

And now it’s 2:15 and I think I’m finally finished cleaning. But, though the front half of the apartment is really clean now, the area surrounding my futon is still pretty messy. But I’m pretty tired after all that cleaning, so tomorrow’s another day and perhaps I’ll get around to cleaning my room…or maybe I’ll just end up cleaning some other area of the apartment. The kitchen’s in need of some help. What started out as a simple five minute task turned into an hour and a half of cleaning and I didn’t even accomplish the five minute task. Go figure.


One thought on “My mind is a funny thing.

  1. Lindsey says:

    Hmmm…sounds like your nesting đŸ™‚ I totally understand your cleaning thought processes, because I have the same.

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