Fall has Come at Last

It’s officially fall and the weather seems to be cooperating with its season thus far. We’ll see how it goes. But here are a few things that I like about fall in Japan.

1. In Japan, Fall Equinox is a national holiday, so I had the day off work to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

2. It’s perfect weather for a hot drink in the morning, cold drinks during the day, and a cup of hot tea after work. It’s really the best of both worlds.

3. I can sleep with my balcony door open, but I don’t need to have the fan on.

4. Humidity is on the decline.

5. Japan loves fall fruits and vegetables, so there are starting to be some really great flavors and foods out right now for the season.

6. Winter never comes busting in halfway through October acting like it owns the place. It’s more like the opposite- fall is a pretty strong competitor over here, while winter just cowers in the corner until the end of December.

7. Apples and mikans are back in season!


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