This morning I went to an ikebana exhibit in Sakae. For those who are wondering what ikebana is, it’s the Japanese art of flower arranging. A quick rundown is that it’s part of traditional Japanese culture that started with people arranging flowers for the temples. From there it’s evolved into a very intricate art form with rules to follow and different styles to arrange in. I’m interested in it, though I don’t know much about it, so my pastor’s wife gave me a free ticket to the exhibit.

So, I went and it was really beautiful, though I wish that I was better able to understand how ikebana works. But what I really enjoyed about the show was the viewing audience. Basically, there was me, the foreigner, maybe three men, none under the age of 35, and about 500 old women. There were snapping shots at every turn, examining each arrangement very carefully, and staying in these packed clumps that made it very hard to navigate around.

I also got to watch a 20 minute demonstration of a woman doing an arrangement, and that was pretty interesting…especially because there was English translation, so I got to hear and understand some of the history of ikebana. So, maybe someday in the future, I’ll start taking ikebana lessons. We’ll see. For now, enjoy some shots that I managed to take while avoiding all the old ladies.


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