The Joys of Starbucks

I really love Starbucks. And Nagoya has plenty of Starbucks, so I have many opportunities to spread that love around. And I’ve noticed that while Starbucks is a big, bad chain store, each Starbucks has a bit of its own unique charm and feel. Every branch of Starbucks is easily recognizable and once inside, there’s a feeling of connection and comfort. You’re never floundering about what to do or where to go. But yet, each Starubucks is different and I’m drawn to different ones for different reasons. The Starbucks near the UFJ in Sakae has a little niche filled with comfy, lounging chairs that lets you feel like you’re in a quiet alcove. The one in Sakae near Outback has the best people watching window seats. In Kasugai, there are these great booths to sit in. Though they’re the same, each one ends up being completely different once you sit down with your drink.

And I think that’s an interesting reflection on life. No matter how we try to imagine otherwise, every day is basically the same. We need a pattern and routine to help our lives stay sane. We find comfort in that routine, and when we look back on a month or year, we often can’t distinguish one day from another. But within the confines of each day, there are small touches and twists that do make each day unique. Those twists are what keep the monotony from overwhelming us. They keep us looking forward to tomorrow. And though we don’t always remember the details of each day, we can easily remember those really great days, weeks, and months when we look back. And I really think that’s what life is all about, the small touches that make us smile and brighten those otherwise dull moments.


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