A Few of my Favorite Things…

Things that I love…

1. I feel safe in Japan. I never worry about walking home alone at night. I feel completely comfortable leaving my purse unzipped, no matter where I go in Nagoya. I never have those fear-stricken moments here.

2. Rainy evenings. I’m not such a fan of rainy days, but there’s nothing quite as soothing as hearing the rain hit my window at night and hearing the sound of cars splashing through puddles on the road. And now that we’ve started typhoon season, I’m sure that I’ll be in for quite a few rainy nights.

3. Anything and everything green tea related. I love green tea, and I induce very healthy amounts of it every week. Now that fall is heading our way, I’m excited for green tea lattes. And my friend Fern made a green tea cake for a friend’s birthday and it was so delicious. I definitely want the recipe!

4. Thai wrap pants. I bought a pair while on vacation, and they are seriously the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. I look forward to putting them on after work every night. And they have a very nice large pocket that makes it really convenient when Jen and I go for walks. I don’t even need to bring a purse.

5. Skype. It’s so great to be able to talk to friends and family for really cheap or for free. Even though I don’t keep in contact half as well as I’d like to, it does brighten my day to have a free hour-long video chat with my mom out of the blue, completely unplanned.

One thought on “A Few of my Favorite Things…

  1. barnes says:

    yeah, about skype…it’s awesome and all but I don’t have a webcam or microphone on my oldy, moldy computer…I also don’t have the funds to acquire such stuff right now…suggestions?

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