Adventures in Teaching

Just a few funny stories from work…

1. I teach two little boys, ages 3 & 4 every Friday. The moms are also supposed to be in the class helping, but since one of the moms has a baby with her, they basically just sit back and let me run the show. Now, these two boys have SO much energy and we’re always doing crazy things in class. But sometimes they do things that aren’t always good. For example, in their excitement during reading a book, they might accidentally rip one of the pages. And really it’s no big deal, but I find myself saying “uh-oh” and “oh no” a lot in that class, mostly in theatrical style. So, this Friday, the staff told me that one of the boys now says “uh-oh” and “oh no” all the time…and the best part is that he does it with perfect timing! He’s not just randomly saying English, he knows exactly what it means and when and how to use it. How cute is that?!

2. On Saturdays, I teach an adult class. My Saturday class has four students, and they’re all friends and have fun in class. Well, we get to talking about some funny things sometimes. The only problem is that my students don’t always know the correct vocab for what they want to talk about, so I’m always surprised at what I end up teaching them. Today’s words: frizzy, pop culture, and crossdresser. Yeah, we were talking about Thailand and living abroad.

3. I teach the same class, but at a different school. But those students are just as funny as my Saturday students. A few weeks ago, we were practicing making predictions, and one of the questions was, “What do you think your teacher will wear to class next week?” Well, the first answer from the group of three I was talking with was pretty normal- a description of one of my business shirts. But then the other two chime in and say that they want to see me wear a mini skirt in class. I am not usually prone to blushing, but my cheeks definitely turned pink amidst the hysterical laughing that I was doing. So, now, these three students always tease me about when I’m going to wear a miniskirt.

4. During one of my kid’s classes today, my coworker comes in with a little boy who was late. She then proceeds to tell me that he was sick earlier in the day, as in throw-up sick, and to warn me that his mom said he might be sick again. I mean, who brings their kid to English school when they had thrown up earlier in the day? But all was well, with no problems. Well, unless you count the really bad gas that he passed in class, but that’s a weekly occurrence, so I just hold my breath until it passes.


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