My Day Off Mission

So, I had exactly one goal for today, and that was to go to immigration and get my visa renewed. I set my alarm for early, because you always want to get to immigration early before it gets super crowded. Then this morning, I woke up, looked at my clock, and it was 11!! What happened?? My goal for the day was now shot at this point. I have afternoon plans, and there’s no way that I could possibly go to immigration now. So, now I’m going to spend my time finally, finally, finally cleaning my room and also doing some laundry. And I might take a trip to the grocery store while I’m at it if I have time.

But the question still remains, how in the world did I manage to sleep until 11? It’s not so often that I sleep through my alarm, but my memory has come back to me, and I do vaguely remember my alarm going off this morning, but I think that in my exhaustion, I pushed stop alarm instead of snooze. At least I didn’t do it on a Tuesday morning when I have work.

So, “Hi-ho hi-ho. It’s off to clean I go.”


One thought on “My Day Off Mission

  1. barnes says:

    Now that I think of it…I’m not sure if I can call you. Combination of my random work schedule, the time zone stuff, and if my cellular service would charge me up the wazoo for a Japan phone call…sorry… 😦

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