Well, I’m officially done posting pictures, so if you want to see more, which maybe you do, you should check out Jen’s blog. Link’s on the right. She did a much more thorough job of posting pictures from our trip than I did. But I thought I’d finally give you a bit of my persepective on things before I completely move on with my life.

I think that for Americans, Thailand seems like such an exotic location. I mean, it’s halfway across the world somewhere in southeast Asia. I know that I kind of had in mind this tropical jungle and there would be Bangkok kind of just hanging out amidst the jungle. Um yeah, not so much. I mean, maybe there’s jungle somewhere in that country, but I sure as much never saw it. Bangkok and Thailand in general was such an interesting blend of modern and traditional, with big skyscrapers and the people outside them sweeping the sidewalk with old-fashioned straw brooms.

I went with Jen and our friend Tomoko. We stayed for five days in Bangkok and took a day trip up to Ayutthaya, a world heritage site. During our time there we went sightseeing and rode elephants, we took a 3-hour canal tour in Bangkok, had a 5-hour spa treatment, relaxed by another hotel’s pool, and shopped like there was no tomorrow. Really, we shopped seriously everyday. But there were so many outdoor markets and several nice malls that we just completely unleashed our feminine side and had a blast shopping without abandon. And the nice thing about Thailand is that everything was so so so cheap!

And Thai people are pretty nice, especially our hotel staff. They bent over backwards to help us with whatever we wanted, from calling for a taxi, to giving directions, to calling another hotel so that we could use their pool. I think it had something to do with the fact that we were without a doubt, the cutest girls in our hotel. And maybe for the first two nights we were the only girls in our hotel. 😉

Overall, Thailand was a great vacation! Just the right balance of tourism and relaxation, and the three of us definitey had plenty of funny moments and jokes to laugh about for a long time to come!


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