Crappy Weather

Japan’s entering into typhoon season, which means the start of lots of overcast, cool yet humid, partially rainy days. And for a few days it’s no problem. Actually, it’s quite a relief after the blistering heat and humidity of summer. But after about a week of this weather, all I can think is that it’s completely crappy and that makes me feel crappy as well. My body feels horrible, my attitude reflects the gray sky, and I just feel completely apathetic about everything.

So, I’m trying to schedule happy things into my life to get me through. For example, I’m going to see Hancock today with my friend Joyce and I’m getting a green tea frappuchino from Starbucks; Sunday I’m going to a friend’s band’s concert; and this whole week, I’ve scheduled phone dates with friends. So, I just have to make it through October and typhoon season will close out…and then winter will set in, which I also don’t like. Dang it!

Oh, well. I’ll just keep up with the happy times. 🙂


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