I’m Legal!

Here’s one of the downsides of living abroad- renewing things is not easy at all! I realized a few months ago that my driver’s license was due to expire on my birthday this year. Originally, I had planned to visit home in the summer, but by opting for Thailand instead, I realized that my license was not just going to renew itself.

So, I made the call to the BMV, requested all the necessary paperwork, had a run around about my address in Japan, and feared for the worse, but I finally got my renewal packet. And when I say packet, I mean packet. I had to fill out all of the same information on about 7 different pieces of paper, and also get a full eye exam before I could send everything back for the a-okay. Well, I put everything on the mail, including my current driver’s license and just hoped for the best.

I was starting to get a little concerned, but luckily, my license arrived in the mail a few days ago. I opened it, all excitedly…and then I looked at the picture. Now, because I’m in Japan and unavailable for a new picture, the forms said that they would just use a picture on file. I wasn’t too concerned because Jen went through the same hassle and she just got the same picture as from her last license. But, oh no, not for me. They put the picture that they had taken when I was 16!! So now I’m stuck for the next four years with a stupid looking picture of me from days when my hair was not as cute is it is now. And I look like a stinkin baby! But seriously, folks, what were they thinking? Why would it be a good idea to use the older of the pictures? Things I’d like to ask the BMV someday.


One thought on “I’m Legal!

  1. pam says:

    okay here in las vegas things are different. I got to renew online and they just mailed me a sticker to put on the back on my license. I got to keep the same picture as 4 years ago. Super easy.

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