Life on the Prarie

So, as we all know, I was without my computer for a little over a week. And being without my computer brought me to two realizations.

1. I am completely addicted to my computer. No joke.

2. Once I went through drug addict-like withdrawl, I realized that I don’t really need my computer all the time.

For a week, I was able to enjoy so many things that usually fall to the wayside because of my obsession with my computer. I read several books, I studied a ton of Japanese, I had some really solid quiet times, just to name a few. I also just enjoyed the simplicity of life without instant technology…except for my cell phone that is, and the tv in the living room, which I did watch once or twice. Japanese tv is a little strange, but that’s not the topic of this blog. But while I was going through withdrawl symptoms, I wondered just how exactly how bored people must have been in the time before technology. No movies, no internet, no music-unless someone had sweet skills. But by the end of the week, I had started to appreciate the little boring moments that life has to offer, ironically enough.

But now my computer’s off, and this afternoon I actually turned my computer off and chose to read a book and nap instead. I was very proud of myself. Let’s hope that this non-obsessive addiction to my computer lasts more than just a week. I’ll keep you posted. At least until I fall off the bandwagon that is.

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