Disaster Strikes!

I can never trust myself alone with my MacBook again! Okay, well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but I did happen to have an accident last Friday resulting in the complete breakage of my MacBook. I took it in to the friendly Japanese Mac people on Monday and they told me that my hard drive had dismounted. Originally, I thought that it had broken from overheating and that I would have to buy an entirely new computer, so I was very relieved. But to my chagrin, I remembered that I had set it on the kitchen counter on Friday, had turned around for seriously two seconds before I heard this horrible clatter. I turned around, only to discover my computer on the ground. It was seriously one of those horrible stories that you hear about small babies falling down.

To make a really long story short, three visits to the Mac store and three replaced parts later, I’m now down about $350, but my lovely computer is back in my possession, looking better than ever, considering one of the replaced parts was the soft cover on my laptop, including all of my keyboard keys and mouse.

I know you were probably getting a little frustrated with my lack of updates, but all that time computer free gave me a lot of time to think about interesting things to blog about, so be on alert!

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