Rachael Goes to Camp

This past Tuesday-Thursday I went to camp in Fukui prefecture as an ECC camp counselor. I admit that I had a few reservations because I was not really such a big camp fan as a kid; it was all a bit too cheesy for me. But I had an absolute blast!! It was like a sweet vacation from work. I basically taught a few English lessons and then just hung out with about 80 kids ages 7-14. The camp was in the mountains and it was great! I even saw wild monkeys! Jen was not excited when I first told her that, but for real, you don’t see monkeys when you go camping in the states. It was my first time. Cut a girl some slack.

But it was just like any other camp, but with a few Japanese twists of course. We played in the river, had campfire performances, drank juice through a huge leaf stem straw, made a paper mache volcano, went on a nature scavenger hunt, ate curry rice and rice balls.  You know, typical camp stuff.  But it was a lot of fun! I’m excited for next year. Hopefully, I’ll get to go again!


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