Happy Yukata Week

This week at Kasugai is yukata week. Yukata is traditional Japanese clothing, but it’s not as formal as kimono. I think it’s something to do with the amount of tying and layers. But to me, it was all complicated, and I certainly felt very traditional today rocking out my first yukata experience. But I tell you what, it’s difficult to teach kids in traditional Japanese wear. It’s probably the only time that I have ever longed to put my business suit back on. But, actually, it was quite a fun experience. I felt very authentically Japanese, and I still have Saturday to look forward to. For now, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.


3 thoughts on “Happy Yukata Week

  1. matt says:

    cool, glad to know you’ve found a good church. living anywhere is way easier when you have a good church around =)

    i wonder if we have a yukata week in toki… i only see people wearing them at festivals. kasugai is a pretty neat city.

  2. losemyway says:

    I’m sure that you would look super hot Erik. Just a matter of finding one big enough for you. Japanese women’s clothing usually comes in Barbie size. 😉

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