“You can have your cake and eat nachos too.”

This past Friday was a fun day at Tajimi school. Usually every Friday my coworker Chris and I eat fancy cake together before classes start. There’s a cute cake shop two doors down from ECC, and for the past month, we’ve been indulging in expensive cake as our way to make it through the end of the week. But this past Friday was a special occasion.

In my junior high class one lesson about two months ago, we talked about Mexican food, nachos in particular. Since then, my students have brought up the topic of nachos almost every lesson. It’s become a bit of a joke. So, I hatched this plan that I would make them nachos, but I couldn’t find nacho cheese anywhere. But a few weeks ago, Jen introduced me to this new international food store, and they had nacho cheese! Expensive as all get out, but I had finally found it. So, I made plans with the staff and Japanese teacher that we would have nachos after they took their big midterm test with the Japanese teacher.

So, I go in with my nachos supplies and my three students were all very excited…all except Takuya that is. He made his nachos, but when the other two started eating and exclaiming how delicious they were, Takuya just looked at his plate and gave a big sigh. So, being the good teacher that I am, I asked Takuya if he wanted to eat nachos. I didn’t want to force him or anything. But he told me that he really wanted to eat nachos. I was a little puzzled, so I asked him why he wasn’t eating and after a few seconds of thinking he told me that he didn’t like a challenge. I took that to mean that he didn’t like to try new foods. So, I had to coach him through nacho eating in small steps- first he just tried the chips; then he tried a chip with just a little tiny bit of cheese; and finally he bit the big one literally and ate a loaded chip with cheese, tomatoes, and green onions. After that, there was no stopping him!

So, the review lesson was a little short, but the nacho eating and game playing was really great! And Friday ended being a fun fun day of good times and good food!


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