I Love Kids!

I love teaching kids, especially the really young ones. Here’s a picture with one of my favorite students Yuuki. He’s two and he loves English and me! He and his mom come early every week and the first thing he does when he gets to the school is run to find me and give me a big hug! He’s always all smiles and repeats things in a big voice.

Here’s a cute picture of the two of us coloring this past Monday. He’s so cute that he just says cute, funny things and I can’t help but laugh. I think that we were talking about George the Curious Monkey whom Yuuki loves. He does a really cute impression of George and it makes me laugh every time. But, all of my students are equally as cute as Yuuki! Monday at Kasugai is a great way to start the week!


2 thoughts on “I Love Kids!

  1. matt says:

    Looks like a cute kid, alright. But just wait til he gets to his second year of high school. They’re monsters, I tell you. Monsters!!

    I actually found your blog via Google when I was searching for places to go hiking around here. My wife and I live in Toki, just one stop after Tajimi, so your story about the bad day that turned out good came up on the Google search results. I think we might go to Jokoji tomorrow to break in our new hiking shoes a little. I always pass that stop on the train home from work, and I love the view as well. It’s a really beautiful area, but I’ve never made the time to stop and hang out there before.

    How long have you been in Japan now?

  2. matt says:

    Sometimes I get the urge to just randomly stare at something arbitrary and see how many people I can get curious. It would be a fun game.

    By the way, I clicked one of your links that went to your facebook, and I noticed you’re in the campus crusade for Christ network. Have you found (or do you want to find) a church in your area yet? If you’re looking for one and don’t mind the train ride to Tajimi, we could introduce you to a good one =)

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