Keanu Goes International

In case you didn’t know, Jen and I have this thing for Keanu Reeves. And the thing is that we both like to make fun of his acting abilities. Keanu in the action role is really great. Movies like Speed and The Matrix are timeless classics. But move him away from large fight scenes, and you have a bit of a problem.

But all that is beside the point. I will step off of my Keanu soapbox and move on to the real point of this blog…and that is that I came across a really funny example dialogue in one of my ECC texts and I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Sayo: What do you think of Keanu Reeves, Mimi?

Mimi: I think he’s really handsome.

Sayo: What do you think of Keanu Reeves, Kelly?

Kelly: I think he’s pretty cool

Sayo: What do you think of him, Takeshi?

Takeshi: I don’t think he’s very talented.

Sayo: Really? But he’s so cute!

I’d just like to point out that it’s only the guy who tells it for what it is. Keanu is not very talented. Takeshi, you’re right. Sayo, don’t be blinded by that smile. Keanu’s got no acting skills whatsoever. But you just have to know that the native teacher who got stuck writing hundreds of these example dialogues was probably bored out of their mind when they wrote this as a joke. That person probably took great pride in showing off the Keanu dialogue to his or her coworkers. But I’m going to hazard a good guess and say it was a guy.

But, despite Keanu’s lack of realism in his acting career, he is at least known in Japan. Not everyone can say that.

And I will go on record and admit that as much as Jen and I make fun of Keanu, I think we both secretly like him because of all that bad acting. It sort of endears him to you.


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