Life as a Casual Vegetarian

About a month and a half ago, I was on the train coming home after work one evening. There was a moth on the train and it was hanging out next to me, poised at the door, looking for all the world as though it were just waiting for its stop. In my head I started thinking about this little moth making the commute home and wondering what station it was getting off at. All of a sudden, these high school cheerleaders got on the train and they were making a lot of noise. I got distracted by them, and when I looked down again, I saw that my little moth friend had been squished under the heel of one of the cheerleader’s ugly crocs. And I almost started crying…seriously!

It was at that point that I decided to reevaluate some parts of my life, namely my meat intake. I mean, if I got all emotional over a moth, it seemed a bit hypocritical of me to eat animals butchered for the sole purpose of my overindulgence. And all this happened around the same time that Jen was in her huge environmentalism kick. So we both decided to stop eating meat at home. Neither of us are actual vegetarians, rather just casual vegetarians. We both will eat meat at restaurants or if someone makes it for a meal at their house. We’re not strict at all.

Life as a casual vegetarian is pretty easy actually. I don’t really miss eating meat every day. I don’t even feel compelled to eat it when I do go out to eat. Although, I have been craving taco rice recently, especially with all the taco seasoning that Zelda brought back form the states. Other than that, life with a mostly vegetable diet is actually quite satisfying and fulfilling. But I tell you what, I could never be a vegan. I love eggs, milk, cheese, and all other animal by-products way too much!


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