A Few of my Favorite Things

They say life is all about the simple pleasures, so I thought I’d share a few of my simple joys in Japan.

1. Tatami mats. My bedroom is made up of tatami mats, woven mats that are laid over hardwood floors. They make my floor that much softer and when the sun warms my room all day, it smells like tatami wood.

2. The rainy season at night. I love falling asleep with my balcony door open, listening to the sound of the rain falling. It’s really soothing.

3. Cat Walk. No, I’m not talking about the runway here. On the walk to the station, there’s a stretch of neighborhood that’s extremely kitty-friendly. Currently, there are two houses with kittens. They’re all still little babies with fluffy fur and tails that stick straight up. It makes me happy when I see cats when I’m walking.

4. My humongous bathtub. This is seriously a man-sized bathtub! I am not kidding. I think that three people could successfully take a bath at the same time, not that I think three people should be taking a bath at the same time, that would probably be really awkward. But I love to take a long bubble bath and relax with a glass of wine after a rough week at work.

5. Slippers. There’s an unspoken rule in Japan- no shoes in the house, EVER. But carpet is a bit unusual to find, so in winter, everyone wears house slippers. It’s fun to swish around in my slippers and to feel like I actually need them. My feet get cold in winter without them.


One thought on “A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. your roommate says:

    ummm… our bathtub isnt that big yo. deep yes, but i wouldnt want to have 3 people lay down on top of each other to fit in there…

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