A Rex Short

Jen and Rex had a great phone conversation this evening. Rex was in the middle of driving to the onsen (public naked bathing) in Kasugai, but knowing Rex as we do, he tends to get lost…even with his GPS. And actually, he called Jen several times in the space of an hour for directions and confirmation. And every time he called, Jen of course had a witty opening line for him, usually dealing with declaration of her love for him and the request for the confirmation of his own feelings.

During their final conversation, Jen gave Rex the phone number for the onsen in case he got lost. She repeated the number twice to make sure he got it, and before he hung up, he asked Jen if she could mail him the phone number because “I didn’t write down the number because I didn’t have a pen.” So classically Rex. And he signed off by saying “I see the promised land. Bye.”

These are just a few of the reasons why Jen and I are friends with Rex. He says and does the most random things ever.


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