Japanese Windex

I don’t know how many of you have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but if you haven’t, I suggest that you stop reading immediately and watch it. It’s a great movie, full of completely quotable moments! But anyway, in the movie, the main character’s father thinks that Windex is the cure for any ailment. he perpetually has a bottle of Windex with him and uses it liberally throughout the movie for the strangest things. There’s one scene where his entire elbow is soaking in a bowl of bright blue Windex. It’s completely hilarious!

Jen and I have found our own Japanese version of Windex: medicated muscle patches and Halls. If there’s ever a problem, put a patch on it and have a Halls. I’m not joking. The both of us keep a steady supply on hand at the apartment and even in our purses, because you just never know.

So, today at work, I completely killed my pinkie toe on my right foot. I was playing a game with my kids, and I really really injured it. At work, I thought that I had just stubbed it pretty badly, but once I checked it out at home, free from the panty hose, I realized that it might be more serious than just a simple stub. My entire toe is varying shades of red, purple, and green, and it hurts immensely if I even attempt to bend it. So, here I am wondering if I might have managed to break it. I mean, pinkie toes are kind of small and delicate and from the energy in that game, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. So, I called Jen to talk with her about a few things, and when I mentioned that I might’ve broken my toe, the very first thing out of her mouth was, “Put a patch on it.” And my immediate response was, “Good idea.” For real.

My next plan of action is to soak my foot in the bath to see if the hot water does anything to help, but you can rest assured that after I’m done, a patch will be going on my foot to help ease the pain and begin the healing!


One thought on “Japanese Windex

  1. your roommate says:

    we BOTH keep a steady supply of patches on hand???? I give you the goods out of the niceness of my heart.

    i love that you just believe my versions of windex actually work… ahaha

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