Tomoko Came to Visit

Tonight Tomoko came over to visit us for a while. And basically, Tomoko’s great! We all communicate in this interesting blend of Japanese-English. Although, I’m not gonna lie and say that I understand all of the Japanese that’s said, but I know well enough to follow the gist until it goes back to English.

Hmm…maybe I should explain who Tomoko is. She’s Jen’s ex-student and know they’re just friends, which consequently makes me and Tomoko friends as well. This summer the three of us are going to Thailand for summer vacation. It should be a good time. Tom, Jon, and Rick go an a Thailand adventure.

But back to the evening. Jen’s mom sent me Nerds in Jen’s package, and Tomoko has become obsessed with them. But she thinks that the big ones are too sour and whenever she eats the sour ones, she makes this funny noise. Jen and I laughed a lot whenever she did it. But she thinks it’s funny to give the sour ones to Jen and then ask her if they’re sour or not.

And then Tomoko tried to make a joke in Japanese, and Jen and I totally didn’t get it. We both just looked at each other and then we got the joke about 30 seconds after the fact, and then we all laughed a lot.

Maybe this is one of those stories that’s just funnier to us because it’s midnight here and we’re all a little tired. But oh well, such is life.


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