Old Men and Dogs

Today I went for a walk and sat for a while in a quiet park. A little ways to my right was an old man and his Dachshund just hanging out. The dog was just sniffing around and walking slowly while the old man had a keen interest in the trees surrounding their little area. After a while, the dog must have gotten into a little bit of a mess because the old man just scooped up his dog like a baby, wiped off its feet with a rag, then put it back down. Then for a while, the old man walked around the the Dachshund followed him around, both only taking a few steps at a time. Finally, the old man scooped up the dog again, wiped off his feet, put him in a special plastic basket lined with blankets, and started what I presumed to be their walk home. It was all very cute, as I tried to watch inconspicuously from a distance.

In Japan, big dogs aren’t so much the norm because there’s just not enough space for big dogs. Which means that it’s pretty normal to see men of all ages with little yippy dogs without it being strange in the slightest. And it’s also very popular for old men to have little dogs. You know, they’re friends, and they go for walks together and keep each other company during the long boring days.

There’s a cafe pretty close to the train station and the owner has a Dachshund. He keeps a cage for it in the window of the cafe and sometimes I see the dog taking naps there. Or sometimes I see the man holding his dog outside, looking out on the little stream that’s next to their cafe. It’s very cute!


One thought on “Old Men and Dogs

  1. gigidiaz says:

    So it turns out I’m new to wordpress and have been snooping my way around to meet some neighbors. I stumbled on your front porch and your welcome mat caught my eye. 3x5s has to be one of my favorite songs of his. I’m actually going to his concert August 31st.

    What are you doing in Japan? It seems so… different to find someone in Japan who speaks no Japanese and listens to John Mayer. I sure hope I’m not intruding.


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