I Love Hugs!

Today I taught one of my favorite classes, an almost baby class with four of the cutest little 2 & 3 year olds ever. They all like me, but one little boy in the class, Yuuki, really just thinks that I am the greatest! He was the first to arrive and when he saw me, he just got this big smile on his face and ran right up to me. Then he proceeded to repeat everything that I said, and the cutest thing he repeated was “What happened?” complete with hand gestures.

Then, after class, he and my other little boy Keisuke were just playing and being really cute in the hallway. Their moms called them back, and told them to give me a hug. Yuuki just comes flying down the hallway, opens his arms wide and gives me a big, long hug! And he doesn’t let go right away. He just keeps hugging me! It made me so happy!! I had to tickle hug Keisuke, and right after I finished hugging him, the moms started to leave. Yuuki looks at me, and without any prompting gives me another big long hug. I had a big smile on my face after that. Maybe hugging will become a regular part of my Mondays.

So, I love hugs, especially from little guys! 🙂


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