“The Bicycle Mystery” by Jen and Rachael

This morning, Jen and Rachael both had to leave the house early for work and working out. Jen left slightly before Rachael, so imagine Rachael’s surprise when she discovered Jen still standing in the bike parking area in their apartment. They had the following conversation:

Jen: Hmm…

Rachael: Where’s your bike? Where’s my bike??

Jen and Rachael: At the station…stupid station.

Jen and Rachael realized that they had left their bikes at the station over the weekend, and then had gotten a ride home on Sunday night, thus leaving their bikes in the station’s bike garage. And what’s worse is that both of them were on a bit of a schedule and had counted on the speed that their bikes provided. So, they made the completely unexpected, unplanned, fifteen minute walk to the station and the while complaining about the stupid bike garage at the station, even though they both secretly knew that it was their own faults for forgetting that they had left their bikes there in the first place.


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