Bright and Early

I was awakened this morning at 6:45 by the sound of my phone ringing, or rather, vibrating since my phone is rarely off silent mode. Before I could fully register that it was 6:45 and that it was my roommate calling, I answered with a sleepy hello, and got this response: “I found a kitten.”

After I woke up enough to sort out our conversation, I realized that Jen had found a homeless baby kitten on her run in the park, and wondered whether or not she should bring it home. I agreed, and by that point I was completely awake. So, while I waited for Jen, I had a cup of coffee and washed the dishes.

Then I got an email saying that everyone was telling her not to take the kitty. I was confused by this, because who else would she have called that early in the morning, so she decided to continue on her run, and if the kitten was still at the park when she finished, she would bring it home. So, by that point, it was 7:05, and my alarm wasn’t due to go off until 8:30, so I tried to go back to sleep.

But the activities and the coffee had fully woken me up, so ironic. So, I just spent the morning relaxing and doing some things around the house, until Jen came home, with no cat. The kitty was nowhere to be found in the park upon her return. So, for about 30 minutes this morning, Jen and I were pet owners. Needless to say, I am now very tired, and it’s only 9 PM. It looks like an early night for me and Jen both.


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