Rockstar in Training

A few weeks ago, I went to a concert for a band called Audacious. Audacious’s style is definitely that mosh pit rock style, and the main singer had so much energy. I was seriously impressed at her ability to get the crowd energized and crazy throughout the concert.

But it made me think that rockstars are actually extremely good actors. I mean, this band had just flown over from England like the day before, and having experienced cross-world jetlag, I can tell you that it’s not a pretty thing. It would be extremely difficult to put on that kind of show so soon afterwards. Thus, I had a magical revelation that rockstars aren’t always that into their music or the show. Of course, they love their music, but they don’t have an endless supply of genuine energy.

And this led to my second revelation- that being an ECC teacher is just like being a rockstar, but on a much smaller scale and without all the singing. Although, I do sing in almost every class. But I walk into my classes, and no matter how I’m personally feeling, I need to get people’s energy and excitement levels up, especially in my kids classes. The more over the top and crazy I am there, the more the kids respond. Even with my adults, there’s no downtime. I’m always upbeat-laughing and smiling as though my life depended on it.

First step- ECC teacher… Then- Rockstar Supreme!

Now, I just need to get me a band…


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